History of the State Mineralogical
Museum named after A.V. Sidorov.


With the formation of the Mining Institute in Irkutsk in 1930, the history of the unique collection of minerals and rocks of the current Mineralogical Museum began. One of the very first orders of the new institute is about the teaching staff of all three planned faculties (mining, geological exploration and metallurgy) for the next academic year - No. 27 dated June 12, 1930.

Grigory Ivanovich Musorin and Veniamin Abramovich Netupsky, former students of Moscow University, former employees of Soyuzzoloto, were engaged in the creation of a mineralogical cabinet for teaching students of the Mining Institute. In Order No. 63 of the Siberian Mining Institute dated September 7, 1930 (paragraph 3) it is reported: "Junior assistants of the Institute Netupsky V.A. and Musorin G.I. are sent to the area of Slyudyanka from September 15 to 25 to collect minerals for the collection of SGI. Give the accounting department an advance in the amount of 10 rubles.".


In January 1931, the orders of the Mining Institute announced the purchase from A.V. Lvov of his private collection of minerals - Order No. 138 of the SSG dated January 5, 1931 (paragraph 1): "A commission is appointed from January 6 this year in the person of the following T.T.: Ligovsky (Lisovsky?), Sheymon and Netupsky for the inspection, examination and evaluation of the mineralogical petrographic collection of Prof. Lviv for Sibgorinstitut. The work must be completed no later than 10.01 this year.".


In 1932, the collection of the mineralogical cabinet was replenished with the collections of the Polytechnic, which absorbed the pre-revolutionary collections of the Irkutsk Mining and Mining-Industrial schools and, apparently, the Irkutsk Men's Gymnasium.


1933г из фондов Музея истории ИРНИТУ

Order No. 240 on the SGI "Glavzoloto" dated October 28, 1933 - The following composition of employees of offices and laboratories is established: ... Mineralogical Museum head. Neuchadina M.D., preparator Sharnevskaya... Director of the SRS Shcherbachenko Order No. 248/A on the SRS from .11.33 - "For the shock, exceptionally conscientious work on the organization and equipment of laboratories, offices and museums of the Siberian Mining Institute, on the day of the sixteenth anniversary of October, the following scientific and technical workers of the Institute are awarded: .... According to the equipment of the Museum of Mineralogy , Maria Dmitrievna Mishap for the shock work on the systematic retrofitting of the museum 300 rubles. Director of SGI Shcherbachenko". Order No. 61 of ...March 1934 (paragraph 2) – "Comrade. Mishap is considered to be the head of the mineralogical museum since October 1, 1933. with a salary of 200 rubles per month."

A photograph of the Mineralogical Museum taken in the walls of the 1st building of the then Mining Institute on Lenin St., 5 belongs to this period. 


In 1936 , the duties of the head of the Department of Mineralogy and associate professor were performed by mineralogist Prokopy Stepanovich Sasim. Until now, the collections of the mineralogical museum have preserved samples of minerals collected by Procopius Stepanovich. Later he worked at Irkutsk State University and at the Irkutsk Geological Department.


In 1937 , the Council of the Mining Institute appointed the head of the department and the head of the mineralogical Museum Professor Alexander Vladimirovich Lvov. Shortly before the end of 1937, the premises of the former Industrial School were transferred to the Mining Institute, which it becomes a building of the Mining Faculty.

At the same time, the Department of Mineralogy and the museum are being moved here. The museum was allocated a spacious room on the ground floor of the building, with picturesque columns with stucco decorations.


1938 год - второй слева Нетупский

Since 1938, the mineralogical museum has been in charge of Veniamin Abramovich Netupsky. He conducts scientific research, collects materials for the future scientific work "Quartz and its inclusions". Thanks to the advice of A.V. Lvov, he replenishes collections not only by acquiring exhibits throughout the country through the Bureau of Minerals of the Academy of Sciences and Sverdlovsk lapidary factory, but also appeals to former graduates of the Institute with a request to send minerals and their varieties that are missing from the museum's collection. He is greatly assisted by students with whom he conducts mineralogy classes at the museum. This activity is reflected in the order of the Institute:

«Выражаю благодарность студентам геолого разведочной специальности Кучмар, Семенову, Волковой, Дубыниной и Янчуковскому за пополнение коллекционным материалом минералогического музея нашего Института, за проявление ими внимательности и исключительно добросовестное отношение при подборе коллекции».

The basis: the report of the head. museum vol . There is no Russian."


In 1945, Adrian Fedorovich Lee was in charge of the Mineralogical Museum.


Order No. 114 of August 7, 47. Par.1: Anatoly Vasilyevich Sidorov Candidate of Geological and Mineralogical Sciences from July 20, 1947 to enroll associate professor of the Department of "Crystallography and Mineralogy"…. With the assignment to him responsibilities for the head of the Department of "Crystallography and Mineralogy". Basis: Sidorov's statement and the minutes of the meeting on the academic part.

Since that time, the mineralogical museum has been under the close attention of Anatoly Vasilyevich. Which, initially, conducts an inventory of the museum's collection and discovers that of the 7 and a half thousand exhibits available before the war, only 3 and a half thousand were available.

Having an idea of the principles of museology (thanks to training and work at the Tomsk Mining Institute, maintaining strong ties with local employees and the local museum), A.V. Sidorov begins a wide activities for the restoration and development of the mineralogical Museum of the Irkutsk Mining and Metallurgical institute. He widely attracts his students, Irkutsk scientists to this activity. Museum becomes not only the basic mineralogical education of future specialists, but also the center for the popularization of mineralogical knowledge in the city of Irkutsk.


Order No. 212 of July 6, 1960 - In accordance with the order of the Minister of Higher and Secondary Special Education education of the USSR dated April 6, this year No. 194 ... I ORDER -Irkutsk Mining and Metallurgical Institute from now on name IRKUTSK POLYTECHNIC INSTITUTE... Director of the Institute A.Igoshin


Order No. 516 of September 17, 1965 - Vakhromeeva Lyubov Danilovna from September 17 this year to enroll in the position laboratory assistant of the Department of Mineralogy, Petrography and Minerals... with a one-month trial period. Footing statement with Res. Head of the Department Inshina E.D.


Order No. 639 of October 30, 1972 - Vakhromeeva Lyubov Danilovna from November 1 , 1972 to enroll in the position laboratory assistant of the Department of Mineralogy, Petrography and Minerals... The basis of the statement and res. Vice-Rector Kleerova M.F.


Order No. 700 of December 26, 1974 - Pursuant to the order of the Minister of Higher and Secondary Special Education Education of the RSFSR dated June 13, 1972 No. 310 geological and Mineralogical Museum to separate from the laboratories departments of Mineralogy, Petrography and minerals and considered an independent structural a subdivision of the Geological exploration Faculty of the Irkutsk Polytechnic Institute.

The scientific management of the museum's work should be entrusted to the Candidate of Geological and Mineralogical Sciences, Associate Professor A.V. Sidorova, head of the museum on L.D. Vakhromeev.



The Mineralogical Museum, headed by A.V. Sidorov, took an active part in the International Geological Congress in 1984 in Irkutsk.


In 1991, on the initiative of Irkutsk scientists, the leadership of the Irkutsk Polytechnic Institute, the mineralogical museum was named after A.V. Sidorov.

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