About the museum

Largest museum

The museum began its activities in 1930

State Mineralogical Museum named after A. Sidorov. A. V. Sidorov is the largest mineralogical museum beyond the Urals in terms of richness, diversity and representativeness of the collection of minerals, rocks and minerals of Eastern Siberia. The basis of collection was the basis of the collection of the famous geologist A.V.Lvov, the museum Polytechnic, collected by the oldest geologist of Siberia V.I. Tikhomirov, and donations of students, teachers, graduates of the Mining Institute and guests of the museum.

Anatoly Vasilievich Sidorov

Since 1947, for 33 years, on a voluntary basis, the museum was headed by a talented scientist and organizer, associate professor Anatoly Vasilyevich Sidorov, whose name was given to the museum in 1991.

Most of the topics of the exposition are related to the content of lecture courses and seminars of the students of the departments. The main directions of the museum activity are the following: educational, scientific and expositional, propaganda and popularization of scientific knowledge. popularization of scientific knowledge. The museum carries out a great career-guidance work among pupils and students. Collections of the museum are actively are being actively filled up nowadays. Nowadays there are about 30 thousand specimens in the museum funds. You can see some of them at the expositions.


Boris Lebedinsky Boris Lebedinsky (October 17, 1891, Luga - October 8, 1972, Irkutsk) - Soviet graphic artist. Honored Artist of the RSFSR (1957).

The Mineralogical Museum of our university exhibits works by Boris Lebedinsky, a student of N.K. Roerich, Who studied at the school of the Imperial Society for the Encouragement of Artists in 1911-1916, where N.K. Roerich was the director. School and taught composition. Like Roerich, he was an active social activist, working for the good of our region.

"Мраморное дно" - Б.И. Лебединский "Мраморное дно" - Б.И. Лебединский
"Сарма идёт" - Б.И. Лебединский "Сарма идёт" - Б.И. Лебединский
"В Саянах" - Б.И. Лебединский "В Саянах" - Б.И. Лебединский